25th May 2023

Your organisation's purpose:

Celebrating our Coastal Connection. Registered as both a Charity (No. 1171563) and a Company Listed by Guarantee (No. 09017635).  Four related objectives

  • Celebrating Whitstable’s maritime heritage
  • Supporting the town’s coastal economic development
  • Addressing marine environment issues
  • Encouraging well-being


What is your impact initiative?

Rescue and restoration of a 42-foot 1906 Oyster Yawl built on Island Wall and worked all its life on the Swale. Now registered as a National Historic Ship with a 60 year Business Plan, involving 240 sailings for 8 months of the year from 2025 with over 1,500 clients per year (40% charity rate / 60% commercial rate). The project incorporates traditional boat-building skills, research in to former local boatyards, and environmental concerns eg. use of wind-power for cargo and dredging. Offer to tourists will be both experiential (Sail Training) and heritage. Principal markets are Kent, London and North European ports.


The impact your initiative has had:

 To-date: re-established traditional Shipwright skills and boat-building in Whitstable Harbour.


Have you observed any direct benefits to your business or organisation as a result of the initiative?

Over 2,000 Followers in SE


Have you observed any benefits to your visitors as a result of the initiative? 

The visitor programme is currently limited to a Partnership scheme with 20 organisations across the public, private and voluntary sectors


What category/categories does your initiative fall under?

  • Reducing energy use
  • Nature positive initiatives - conserving, preserving or restoring landscapes, habitats and wildlife
  • Minimising water use and water pollution
  • Local job creation
  • Wellbeing
  • Equality and diversity
  • Preserving and protecting cultural heritage






www.whitstablemaritime.org.uk (currently being refreshed with Fairly Marvellous)


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