11th December 2023

Your organisation's purpose:

Independent family brewer and pub company


What is your impact initiative?

People, Pubs and Planet


The impact your initiative has had:

A commitment to doing the right thing for our community, our people and our environment is at the heart of our strategy. We are proud to launch this new People, Pubs and Planet campaign, to celebrate our achievements so far, and provide focus as we move forward.

Our extensive investment in new energy-saving initiatives and technology across our pubs and brewery is already demonstrating positive results, and we have also been pleased to receive incredible support and enthusiasm from team members and licensees.

Have you observed any direct benefits to your business or organisation as a result of the initiative?

All our energy-saving initiatives have resulted in cost savings across the business - from the brewery to our pubs.

Our commitment to recycling has also resulted in cost benefits to the business, as 55% of water used in our brewing process is recycled so we don't have to pay for it again; 97% of spent grain and hops used in our brewing process is also recycled by local farms so we don't have to pay for disposal.

Hopefully the positive messaging around our People, Pubs and Planet strategy will demonstrate to customers that we are committed to doing the right thing in all elements of our business, and encourage loyalty.


Have you observed any benefits to your visitors as a result of the initiative? 

We have installed electric car rapid charging facilities at six of our pubs, with more being rolled out, which has provided a benefit for visitors with electric cars.

Another initiative with a direct benefit to visitors is our introduction of recycling bins in hotel rooms so they are able to recycle their waste.


What category/categories does your initiative fall under?

  • Reducing energy use
  • Food for Good – reducing food miles, local seasonal produce, plant-based & organic
  • Reducing waste
  • Minimising water use & water pollution
  • Equality and diversity
  • Preserving and protecting cultural heritage


Shepherd Neame Ltd, The Faversham Brewery, 17 Court Street, Faversham, Kent ME13 7AX





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