10th July 2024

Your organisation's purpose:

Macknade is a Food & Drink Retail and Hospitality operator, more than that we are a community hub. Our Infinite Goal is Human and Environmental Harmony and our purpose is bringing our Community together around incredible Food & Drink.


What is your impact initiative:

All our impact aims stem from that infinite goal of Human & Environmental Harmony, and so shape a great deal of our strategy, we recognise this is ever changing and we have a great deal more to do!


The impact your initiative has had:

"Macknade Butchery has continuous year on year growth, as we see more and more people engage with us and our full carcass, complete traceability, Pasture For Life (PFL) produce.

Through educating consumers on the difference between mass-market, negative impact meat protein, and the positive impact of beautifully reared PFL livestock, we are promoting the growth of regenerative agriculture and the combined benefits it brings, this not only helps it grow, it supports a greater number of people to understand it as a concept and so supports its growth still further.

We have been able to support more and more farmers who have already been farming in this positive manner or are choosing to do so , as well as engaging with chefs, restaurants and other butchers to support their transition from generic problematic meat, to this direct from source, regenerative produce."


Have you observed any direct benefits to your business or organisation as a result of the initiative?

Absolutely!! Our communities want to eat better - for themselves and for our environment, yet often don't know how to.

Through Macknade we are able to show them how, and this drives trust and loyalty.

Full carcass butchery that works hand in hand with direct traceability and producers who have a huge respect for their animals, allows for significant reduction of waste as our knowledgeable team can explain to customers how different cuts can be cooked and enjoyed, using all the animal and letting nothing go to waste.


Have you observed any benefits to your visitors as a result of the initiative?

What Macknade does is hugely engaging retail and hospitality, perhaps the most important element for us is that it drives a better type of consumption.

At Macknade we push for less but better, as an antidote to the consumerist drive for more and cheaper.

We know it benefits our customers at every touch point, from the experience of shopping, to the eating quality of our produce and all wrapped up in the health and wellness that comes from knowing exactly where your, nutritionally rich, produce comes, from and the positive impacts it is having.


What category/categories does your initiative fall under?

  • Reducing energy use
  • Food for Good – reducing food miles, local seasonal produce, plant-based & organic
  • Reducing waste
  • Nature positive initiatives – conserving, preserving or restoring landscapes, habitats & wildlife
  • Minimising water use & water pollution
  • Local job creation
  • Wellbeing
  • Preserving and protecting cultural heritage





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