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Kent Traffic Resource Hub

Operation Brock has been reinstated on the M20 to help with managing the expected increase in traffic heading out on cross-Channel journeys. Visit Kent continue to work with local partners by lobbying the government for better long-term solutions.

Key dates 2023:

Rail strikes: Wednesday 31st May, Friday 2nd June & Saturday 3rd June

Please check the Southeastern website here for full details of the strike action affecting routes in Kent.

With additional global challenges and rising costs, it’s vital that we, as an industry in Kent, work together along with local authority and infrastructure partners to lessen the impact of potential travel disruption.

So, what does this mean for Kent businesses? This webpage includes details on how we’ll be monitoring the impact of any travel disruption on our businesses and how you can contribute feedback, as well as the work we’re doing to lobby on behalf of the county. We’ve also included details on how we’ll be managing our visitor communications over the summer and useful links to help you prepare and include travel messaging in your own comms. We’ll continue to update this page throughout the summer so please do continue to check back.

While all of this might seem concerning, the pandemic has proved that we are a dynamic and resilient industry. By preparing and working together, we know that the incredible landscapes and experiences we have to offer in the county will shine through! 

How are we monitoring the impact?

  • We will continue to monitor the impact of any travel disruption through our Business Barometer. These monthly reports provide us data on business performance across the county, including visitor numbers and feedback directly from businesses. It is so important that we can back-up feedback with quantifiable data to help us build a really accurate and robust picture of the situation, please sign up today to start contributing your own figures confidentially.
  • If at any point you would like to share any information or concerns about the impact on your business, then please get in touch with us. 

Our lobbying activity

  • We will use the data and information we gather through the barometer and the business forum to feed directly into wider stakeholders including KCC, National Highways, the Department for Transport and local MPs. The information you provide us with will help us to send a powerful message back to national Government.
  • Our Chief Executive, Deirdre Wells OBE, wrote a letter to MPs that highlighted the travel issues we face as a county and the need for support from national Government to secure a solution which addresses the short-term challenges but also provides a long-term, high-quality, solution to our role as a major UK gateway. We will continue to communicate with our local MPs to push for further collaboration and support from national Government. You can read the letter here 

Our visitor communications

  • We will continue to share messaging through our inspirational features and social media activity on the many amazing and unique experiences we have to offer in the county, as well as all the reasons why Lonely Planet named our county as the 4th best region to visit in 2022. Sustainability, respecting the natural environment and our local communities, has always been a key part of our consumer messaging and this will be emphasised further.
    • Public transport - We will continue to encourage visitors to use public transport for travelling to and through our county.
    • Plan ahead – We’ll be using KCC’s Every Single Journey campaign messaging to encourage visitors to check for traffic updates on the routes that they plan to travel on, and reminding them to prepare for their journey, particularly if they are travelling onwards by ferry or Eurotunnel.
    • Hidden Gems – To help with visitor dispersal over peak days, we’ll be encouraging people to explore quieter locations which will be supported by the point below…
    • Respect, Protect, Enjoy – Similar to our messaging during the pandemic, we want people to continue visiting our wonderful county while we protect our natural environment and respect our local communities.
  • Flexibility is key! We’re working closely with our local authority and infrastructure partners to keep an eye on the traffic situation across the county. This means that we can react quickly and adapt our messaging when needed. Should we have more rail strikes, we will of course move the focus away from public transport on those days and encourage visitors to plan trips later in the month and into the Autumn season.

Useful Links

Kent County Council’s Every Single Journey Campaign, you can link to this page on your visitor communications to help them prepare for their journey.

Check National Highways Brock webpage for the latest on Operation Brock here

Please check the latest travel information from:

Kent Place Marketing Hub contains free assets including images and video footage for you to use when promoting a positive message about Kent.

Southeastern's page has the latest updates on industrial action affecting the Southeastern routes and corresponding timetables.


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