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Meet the Kent greeters

Looking for a unique experience that will truly make your visitor’s or guest’s trip memorable? Did you know you can book a free 'welcome' with a Kent Greeter, and see the Garden of England from the eyes of a friendly local.

Kent Greeters are not official guides (we recommend the Blue and Green Badge Guides for professional tours) but are helpful and passionate volunteers, ready and waiting to share knowledge of the areas they know and love so well.

Taking visitors on a short 2-4 hour personalised walk, our greeters will introduce them to the local highlights, hidden gems and everything else that helps create some cherished memories of the Garden of England. And it is free.

If you have an event planned why not consider booking the Kent Greeters to provide a warm welcome. Many volunteered for the 2012 London Olympic Games so are experienced in providing that friendly face at both large and small events.

To find out more or if you want to become Kent Greeter yourself email

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