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Experience Kent Campaign Toolkit

We are delighted to present our new consumer A/B testing campaign for spring 2021, Experience Kent which will launch at 9am on Monday 29th March. Experience Kent is our first exciting opportunity to test engagement with products and themes developed as part of the INTERREG EXPERIENCE project and inspire bookings by placing Kent at the very forefront of consumers’ minds at a time when there is a particularly high appetite for planning breaks closer to home.

At the heart of the campaign will be eight thematic features hosted on the Visit Kent website, each focused around the themes that were identified as opportunities for the county as part of our initial options analysis research. All EXPERIENCE partners, and private sector partners that have paid their investor fee, will be featured in the campaign activity.

The campaign will test off-season product themes, messaging, imagery and calls to action with various audiences in order to identify best prospect audiences and gain insight into the type of messaging that will engage consumers in a post-COVID world. Destinations across the country and around the world will all be competing for visitors over the coming months, so it is essential that we use this campaign to generate learnings that will inform the targeting of later marketing activity. The campaign will also provide valuable insights for our partners into consumer attitudes and motivations to travel through a dedicated report to support your own marketing planning and product development.

The Experience Kent campaign provides partners county-wide with an opportunity to amplify your own, unique story whilst still aligning with a wider destination message. We have created this simple toolkit to make it easy for you to incorporate this inspirational content into your own activity by sharing relevant social posts and features across your own channels, and in your communications where you can.

This campaign activity will closely follow the Government's current road map to recovery guidelines, ensuring that Kent's reputation as a safe destination remains at the forefront throughout.

Download the toolkit here.

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