'We're Good to Go' (WGTG) Industry Standard

What is it?  WGTG is a UK-wide industry standard and consumer kite-mark to reassure customers that a business, like yours, adheres to Government and public health guidance. 

Why get involved?  WGTG provides a ‘ring of confidence’ for businesses, attractions and destinations, as well as to residents and visitors, that clear Covid-safe processes are in place and that a business is safe to visit - a great sales message!  Not only will this provide you with a nationally recognised industry standard and kite mark but in addition - an ‘alert’ system ensures you will be notified of changes to the official guidance - a call-handling service will provide you with support and - assessors will visit to ensure your business is covid-safe and provide helpful feedback on improvements.

FREE to join

What to do next?  To find out more about the We're Good to Go visit the website here, or contact Mark Sandberg at mark.sandberg@visitkent.co.uk to arrange a call-back.